Provide for tomorrow today: how to save with pillar 3a

The Swiss pension system is facing major challenges. For this reason, 70 percent of the working population are securing themselves financially with third pillar provisions on top of state and occupational pension provision – around 40 percent of them with the help of pension apps. Do you also want to save for your future? We have the answers to the most important questions concerning pillar 3a.

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Provide for tomorrow today: how to save with pillar 3a

Why should I make private provision?

You can get your groceries from Coop or Migros around the corner, buy a new outfit occasionally, live in your own home and easily cover your healthcare costs. Pensions from state and occupational provisions will increasingly no longer suffice to maintain your accustomed standard of living in retirement. You can close this gap by making provisions in the 3rd pillar (pillar 3a or pillar 3b).

What are the advantages of pillar 3a?

Jährlich kannst du den gesetzlich festgelegten Maximalbetrag einzahlen und den vollen Betrag in der Steuererklärung abziehen. Damit sparst du je nach Wohnort und Einkommen bis zu 2'000 Franken Steuern pro Jahr und sorgst gleichzeitig für deine Zukunft vor. Sobald du in Rente gehst, kannst du das einbezahlte Geld beziehen. Wenn du dir deinen Wunsch vom Eigenheim erfüllen, auswandern oder dich selbstständig machen möchtest, kannst du bereits früher auf dein 3a-Guthaben zugreifen.

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How much can I pay into pillar 3a per year?

The Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) sets the maximum annual amount you can pay into pillar 3a. It currently amounts to CHF 7'056 for employees. Self-employed persons who do not make pension fund contributions can pay in up to CHF 35'280 in 2023. Are you unable to put aside so much money each year for 3rd pillar provisions? No problem. You are under no obligation to pay in the maximum amount. Small contributions are better than nothing. However, the more you pay in, the greater your tax savings.

Should I take out a bank or insurance solution for my pillar 3a provisions?

If you prefer to be flexible, choose the bank solution. Each year you decide when and how much, up to the maximum amount, you wish to pay into your pillar 3a account – such as with Pando by Swiss Life. Your assets can earn interest in an account or be invested. With the insurance solution, a fixed monthly premium is set at the beginning of the term. Part of this premium is used for risk cover, while the remainder earns a fixed rate of interest. You can also invest this savings component in funds.

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Can I have more than one 3a account?

Fifty percent of all 3a savers have their money in at least two, three or even more accounts. When you withdraw your assets, you have to have them all paid out at once. This lump-sum withdrawal is taxed once at a reduced rate. This means that if you only have one 3a account, your taxation will be correspondingly higher. Different accounts with staggered payments are therefore worth your while.

Interest or securities saving – what will be better for me?

With interest saving, you make regular or irregular payments into a pillar 3a account. Your savings earn interest during the term. In view of the current low interest rates, saving with pillar 3a securities offers an interesting alternative. If you invest your pension assets in investment funds, you will benefit from higher potential returns compared to the 3a bank account, but will also bear the investment risk.

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In which investment funds can I invest my pillar 3a assets?

If you wish to invest your 3rd pillar savings, you determine how your money is invested. If it is important for you to invest responsibly and with consideration for the environment, sustainable ESG or impact portfolios are an appropriate option. These only include companies that act in an environmentally conscious manner, support their employees and stakeholders and are managed responsibly. Impact funds pursue specific environmental or social objectives that are verifiable, i.e. measurable. The assessment is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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What other alternatives to the traditional 3a securities account are there?

Two out of five 3a savers are already using app solutions such as Pando. With your smartphone, you can open your 3a custody account in just a few minutes – anywhere and anytime. With Pando, you determine your pension goal and the investments you wish to achieve it with. You retain control over your investment strategy at all times, can track your performance in real time and easily make adjustments.

And the best thing about the digital 3a solution from Pando is that you don’t just provide for yourself, but also make a valuable contribution to the environment. The impact funds you invest in with Pando support climate protection, our natural habitats and sustainable building. You decide which sustainability topic you wish to support. Don't be aimless, do it sustainably.

Key facts about pillar 3a

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Maximum age: 69 years (women), 70 years (men)
  • Professional status: employed or self-employed
  • Maximum amount: CHF 7056 (employed), CHF 35 280 (self-employed) (2023)
  • Place of residence: Switzerland
  • Time of asset withdrawal: retirement, purchase of residential property, self-employment, emigration

Further Information

Make double provisions. For yourself and the environment.

Your new 3a app focusing on sustainability. You decide which environmental issues are important to you and which investment strategy you wish to invest with. Everything is entirely digital and transparent.

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