Maximum amount for 2023: how to get the most out of pillar 3a

It makes sense to have a pillar 3a account. It’s even better to make regular deposits, as the more money you pay into pillar 3a, the more you can save on taxes and benefit in retirement. Here are a few thoughts on this.

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Maximum amount for 2023: how to get the most out of pillar 3a

Let’s start with the facts: Employed persons with a pension fund may pay a maximum of CHF 7'056 into their pillar 3a in 2023.

Self-employed persons without a pension fund can pay up to 20% of their net earned income but no more than CHF 35'280.

What kind of depositor are you?

If you have the opportunity to pay in the annual maximum, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do this. However, as you are sure to know this already, we’d rather share a few tips about making deposits that you may not yet be aware of and that might be useful to you.

The standing order depositor

If you have a practical mind and think that 12 small deposits equal one large one, you’re best off setting up a standing order in your e-banking.

In practical terms this means that if you have not yet paid anything into pillar 3a this year, as an employee you should simply transfer CHF 588 each month to your Pando account, and as a self-employed person you should make this CHF 2940. Your future self will thank you.

The spontaneous depositor

Planning is not your thing and you prefer to live in the present rather than the future? Understood. In that case you can simply transfer smaller amounts on an ongoing basis. With Pando you can remain flexible, don't have to make a minimum deposit, and of course each deposit is free of charge.

Since you are spontaneous, you’re probably also not yet interested in the deadline by which you need to have paid in the money for 2023. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you in good time.

The pension expert

Have you been paying the maximum amount into your pillar 3a account for years? If so, it’s worth opening a second account at some point. The reason for this is the payout.

As soon as you wish to withdraw your pillar 3a assets (because you become self-employed, wish to emigrate, buy a house or take early retirement), you can only close an account entirely. Having more than one account therefore makes you more flexible.

In addition, when you retire you can withdraw your pension assets up to five years before reaching ordinary retirement age and up to five years afterwards – thereby staggering your withdrawals. Depending on your accumulated assets and your canton of residence, this may result in you saving a considerable amount of tax.

Pando always pays off for the environment

We at Pando believe that we can use our investments to create a world worth living in that treats nature, living beings and our resources with respect.

We therefore only invest in sustainable ESG funds. In addition, you can select from up to three environmental sustainability topics. Depending on the topics selected, you accordingly invest in three impact funds launched especially for Pando with particularly stringent requirements and hand-picked companies. With Swiss Life’s long-standing experience behind us, we offer you first-class quality for your investments.

If you have any questions about making a deposit or concerning Pando, please consult our FAQs or contact our Customer Support via e-mail to or by calling 0800 275 274.

Make double provisions. For yourself and the environment.

Your new 3a app focusing on sustainability. You decide which environmental issues are important to you and which investment strategy you wish to invest with. Everything is entirely digital and transparent.

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